Sunday, April 25, 2010

Terry Wollman Trio performs for President Barack Obama

I had the honor of being asked to perform for President Obama at the Los Angeles Barbara Boxer fundraiser on April 19th. The trio was myself on guitar, Tom Evans on tenor sax, and Billy Childs on piano. We were introduced to the President, had a moment to talk, and had our picture taken with him (which will be posted soon). I will not forget this moment.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Duesenberg Guitars

Thank you to Nathan Frawley of Duesenberg USA for a great visit to the West Coast show room. These guitars are spectacular and worth checking out! You will be able to hear this (red) guitar on my new album... stay tuned. For more info on these fine instruments. I recommend going to

Wearing a bamboo t-shirt from the Trubu collection

Check out This has got to be the MOST comfortable t-shirt I have ever worn. I may never take it off.

Julie Delgado's birthday celebration!!!

What a great day celebrating my good friend Julie Delgado's birthday. She just turned 39... plus shipping and handling (thanks Nita).